Wednesday, 2 October 2013

“…With The Help of The Lord…”

Genesis 4:1 (KJV)
And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and
bare Cain, and said, I HAVE GOTTEN A MAN FROM THE LORD.

In another Translation, the Bible says,” And the man knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man WiTH [THE HELP OF] JEHOVAH. (ASV)

Our God is a God of Mercies and Compassion. Even when we fail and are undeserving of His HELP, He has a way of coming through for us. I sense in my spirit that there is somebody reading this now that is about to see the Lord move for them in an amazing way.

 You are not presently expecting God to HELP you in this situation, because somehow you caused it, but the Lord impresses in my spirit to tell you that HELP from the Lord is coming your way! A divine surprise is about to hit you! God is always a HELPER and He will help you in this circumstance.

A blessing is coming, and it will totally turn your life right side up. I see you weeping for JOY! This HELP from the Lord will be TOO MUCH for you! Be EXPECTANT. Your expectation will provoke the move of God in your direction this season.

From our text, we can see Eve testifying to God’s goodness. She was experiencing God in an awesome way. The Lord was showing her Mercy and Love. Her life was encountering Divine Assistance. A pleasant surprise was on in her life!

Adam and Eve were having their first “childbearing” experience. This “birth” was so smooth and easy. Satan probably had been whispering lies to them, especially to Eve that she won’t make it in this pregnancy.

You will recall that before now, they missed it. Adam and Eve blew it! They sinned against the Lord, and a “curse” was pronounced on them. Satan went into action thinking to frustrate them and destroy God’s plan for their life.

The enemy waited for Eve the day she was to bring forth her first child; Satan’s plan was to cause weeping and tears; he probably wanted to make null and void the testimony of the Lord in their life. Satan wanted to get at God!

Eve had fears. They have failed God. “Will God be there for me in this child birth”, she probably thought.
 Maybe her feelings were negative; there were no “signs” that God would be there for them. She thought she would go through it alone; she was continually under condemnation.

Folks, don’t blame Eve. If you were in her shoes, you will have the same feelings. Even now, some of you are battling with thoughts of condemnation; you can see areas in your life where you’ve missed it. Again and again, you’ve failed God.

You are not even expecting anything to happen. You are in tears now. Confusion seems to overwhelm you. Can I make it? Will God show up for me? How can this happen seeing I know not a man? Am I sure that God will still HELP me?

Beloved, these are your thoughts. These are the things going on in your mind. The enemy is showing you defeat upon defeat. Your dreams lately have been scary. The doctor’s report on your case has not been encouraging. Yes, the odds are against you.

But I bring you the Word of the Lord today. The Lord says,”HELP IS ON YOUR WAY” The Lord is going to give you a pleasant surprise. You will make it against all odds. Satan will not write the last chapter of your life. Those who are waiting to see you fail will wait in vain! I see a BiG BREAKTHROUGH coming your way! Hallelujah.

Eve said, “With the HELP of the Lord”. Yes, she gave birth with the HELP of the Lord. The Lord was there for her in GRACE. She called the name of that child Cain. Did you know that Cain is not a bad name? We think the name, Cain, is “evil” because of the nature of the man that bore that name.

No, Cain is a good name. It was a name borne out of a supernatural encounter that the parents had. It was a name that came by inspiration. This name, Cain, is prophetic. It means acquired, possession, or that which is produced

Did you notice the way Eve spoke when Cain was born? She exclaimed saying, “I have GOTTEN a man FROM the Lord.” Take note of the words gotten. It means to procreate, beget, and bear.  Eve saw God HELPiNG her in this situation. It was not just herself alone. It was by the Hand of God upon her life.

Friends, HELP IS ON THE WAY for you! God, Who surprised Eve, will surprise you. There is never a time in which God will not HELP. There is a limit to what your hands can give you. Eve said, “I have acquired a man by the HELP of the Lord”. Connect with that same GRACE this season. Don’t cut off from the supply of GRACE that Heaven is releasing to us this season.

- The HELP of the Lord shall MANiFEST for you in that PROJECT!

- The UNCTiON to ACQUiRE comes UPON you NOW!

- PLEASANT SURPRiSES will be your testimonies this season!

- That BREAKTHROUGH you are EXPECTiNG will come!

- You will MAKE IT!

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