Friday, 27 September 2013


Genesis 1:1-3 (KJV)
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

 FACE OF THE DEEP. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

AND GOD SAiD, Let there be light: and there was light.

Wait a minute!

It’s seems as though God had begun to fail right from the beginning! Did you read the Words of Scripture? It says, “And the earth was WiTHOUT FORM, AND VOiD; AND DARKNESS WAS UPON THE FACE OF THE DEEP.”

This seems to be a picture of defeat. But can God be defeated? If God can’t be defeated, how come the Earth He made had a problem? How come the Earth was “without form”? What about the void? When something is void, it means empty. Was this how God made the Earth?

I really do not feel that darkness is a good picture. There is something wrong somewhere; we need an explanation! Well, the Lord didn't make the Earth like this. What we see going on here is a satanic interruption of a beautiful environment.

Everything was in a perfect shape in the beginning. Genesis chapter one verse one reveals the original Earth as the Lord created it. This perfect condition continued for a long, long time; ages upon ages, till Satan rebelled against the Throne of Almighty God in Heaven, and he was expelled from that place of Glory!

It was not easy for him to accept this “quit notice”. He knew how it was when He was in Glory. In anger, he then began to disrupt the things that God created on Earth; this was the reason for the Earth becoming “without form and void”; this was the reason for the” darkness upon the face of the deep”

It’s amazing to know that even God faced a challenging situation right in the beginning. This was enough reason to make God GiVE UP! Even today, the Lord has enough reasons to GiVE UP on the world! The condition of the world presently is alarming; things are definitely not in shape at face value.  World events are discouraging; yet the Lord has not GiVEN UP on the world!

The Lord is carrying the weight of the world upon His Shoulders; even if the Lord wants to GiVE UP now on the world, we will give Him “credit”; He has done His best! But Jehovah has refused to GiVE UP! There is no reason strong enough for Him to do it. It is against His constitution to GiVE UP- He has a High an unequalled Victorious attitude, hallelujah!

                           QUiTTERS DON’T WiN and WiNNERS DON’T QUiT.

Did you know that it was easy for the Lord Jesus to GiVE UP on Peter? You know as well as I do that Peter severally demonstrated inconsistencies. What about Saul of Tarsus? The Lord never GiVES UP on people. He will not GiVE UP on you, so DON’T GiVE UP on you either, no matter what you see going on around you or you don’t like.

God Isn’t A Quitter. He never GiVES UP on folks, why should you? In spite of peoples’ frailties, He still believes in them. Your spouse may have some flaws or weakness, just make up your mind to still believe in them anyhow; DON’T QUiT that marriage, because the sweetness can still come back!

Genesis 1:3 (KJV)
AND GOD SAiD, Let there be light: and there was light.

You will recall that we said earlier that there was chaos at a time in God’s Earth. That was an Earth that was designed in beauty and order. Darkness was everywhere; the Lord had a big issue on hand, but instead of GiViNG UP, God “SPOKE UP”!

We can do likewise. We have this same ability to SPEAK UP. Yes we can CALL THOSE THiNGS THAT BE NOT as THOUGH THEY ARE! This is the way to victory in these challenging times. We should be SPEAKiNG UP.

The Word of God should continually be our CONFESSiON. When men are cast down and are about GiViNG UP, our talk should be, “ There is a LiFTiNG UP” Hallelujah.

Don’t GiVE UP on that situation; go BEYOND it and tell the Devil that he is a BiG, BiG LiAR! When God began to SPEAK UP, then a restoration started. Light came, and darkness and confusion departed. Now, say to yourself,” I will not GiVE UP; instead I will SPEAK UP…”

Make these DECLARATiONS over your Life and Destiny:

- This PRESENT UGL Y SiTUATiON will not DESTROY me, in Jesus Name!

- I do not have a COVENANT with DARKNESS; therefore, I shall WALK in the LiGHT!

- In the Name of the Lord Jesus, the FORCES of hell cannot PUT MY LIFE (you can put anything in here) on HOLD!

- I am a WiNNER, and not a LOSER! To LOSE is FOREiGN to my NATURE; therefore I REJECT every suggestion to LOSE, in Jesus Name!

 - My LiFE and DESTiNY will not END at this LEVEL

- I am GOiNG HiGHER, yes, I AM!

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