Monday, 18 March 2013


Deuteronomy 28:47-48 (BBE)                                                            Because you did not give honor to the Lord your God, WORSHiPPiNG HiM GLADLY, WiTH JOY iN YOUR HEARTS on account of all your wealth of good things;

FOR THiS CAUSE YOU WiLL BECOME SERVANTS to those whom the Lord your God will send against you, WiTHOUT FOOD AND DRiNK AND CLOTHiNG, and iN NEED OF ALL THiNGS: AND HE WiLL PUT A YOKE OF iRON ON YOUR NECK TiLL HE HAS PUT AN END TO YOU.                                              

Lately, the Spirit of the Lord has been teaching us some things about JOY. God wants us to Maintain an Attitude of Joy! This should be an every moment thing; not just once upon a time. Why should I have Joy always in my heart? What is there about Joy that I just have to maintain? What do I stand to lose if my Joy is gone?

Can I ask you a simple question? Would you want to SERVE your ENEMiES all the days of your life? It’s not a good condition to be in to serve your enemies! To serve your enemies is to live under their controlling power.

The enemies will determine where you go to; what you eat; what you wear; the houses you will live in; the type of cars you will drive, etc. Yes, the enemies will put you under, against your will. You can’t risk not having Joy in your heart.

Lack of Joy attracts the presence of demons. And demons are heartless. Once they gain a foothold in a place, that’s it. They are very territorial in operation. Let’s not give them a chance to enter in.

Moses in our text was warning Israel prophetically of certain things that could happen if they miss God. He said that there are consequences of not serving God with GLADNESS of HEART. To be glad in the heart is to be joyful.

God wants to be honored. One way to do that is by worshiping Him gladly. How? With JOY in our HEARTS! Joy is heavenly; it heals. Joy brings rest, and rest is restoration. I believe that somebody’s restoration reading this is in your JOY.

For This Cause…

Sadness is an attitude of ingratitude. A SAD HEART is an UNGRATEFUL HEART. We’re sad because the enemy is making us see what seems to be the obvious…what should have been that has not become yet…the bills that are piling up…the medical reports etc.

Yes, I know that there are still things that are yet to manifest in your life; there are prayers that are still not “answered”; there are circumstances that have remain unchanged or so.

But if you look within, you will realize that your life is still BETTER than it was yesterday. You may not have certain things now, but there are things you have that others don’t have.

Somebody said, “But I don’t have a reason to be joyful? Why should I be glad and merry when my life is still far from purpose?

No, honey, you have a reason to be happy. Your life is not far from purpose. You will still arrive in destiny. Nothing is stopping you. Don’t let go your Joy. Your Joy is your STRENGTH.

When our Joy goes, then the enemy comes in causing us much pain. There are certain things the Word says will happen when our Joy goes.

-  We will become SERVANTS to our enemies.

- We will be WiTHOUT FOOD and CLOTHiNG

- We will be iN NEED OF ALL THiNGS.

- The enemies will PUT YOKE of iRON UPON our NECKS, till he reduces us to NOTHiNG.

But when our Joy is iNTACT, the enemies will stay off from our territories. Satan knows this, that’s why he’s working through situations to “break” our heart. A broken heart Is a terrible state. We will not ALLOW that to be again.


You will NOT SERVE your ENEMiES, in Jesus Precious Name!

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