Matthew 13:33 (KJV)
Another parable spake He unto them; The kingdom of heaven is
like unto LEAVEN, which a WOMAN took, and HiD

Take note of the words I highlighted: LEAVEN, HiD and WOMAN and THREE MEASURES. They are very significant to our study. Jesus is teaching us something about the Kingdom of heaven.

In essence, He is telling us HOW the Kingdom of Heaven functions, and the EFFECT of this Kingdom in our lives and destiny.

”…is like leaven which a woman TOOK and HiD…” The Kingdom is an iNViSiBLE Kingdom; it starts small; UNNOTiCED, but with time, it GROWS! When you begin your journey in this Kingdom, at the beginning of your walk, things start SMALL; nobody seems to want to reckon with you or your activities. This is always the case with every child of God. So, don’t feel bad or give up if things appear small or hidden now in your life. It’s only for today because tomorrow shall be different!

”….which a WOMAN took…” Wow, even women have a place in this Kingdom. Daughters of Zion, let no man despise you or make you withdraw from being used by the Lord. Our God is no RESPECTER of persons. There is no male or female in Christ.
If you are a woman reading this, I declare to you now, RiSE UP like DEBORAH, and TAKE your place in this Kingdom, Praise God!

“…like unto LEAVEN…” Leaven is yeast. Have you ever tasted yeast? It’s very SOUR. You know what? Initially, the Kingdom tastes sour when you take it in. How do I mean? You see, when you make up your mind to go all the way with Jesus, there are a whole lot of things you just have to let go: worldly pleasures, entertainment and the likes. It tastes SOUR, if you can’t do what others do. There seems to be a RESTRAiNT, as it were on your part not to do some stuff.

Yes, it may taste sour, but please TAKE It In. If you refuse to take it in because of its taste (which of course is momentarily), your life and destiny will look like UNLEAVENED BREAD- it will be FLAT!

Can I tell you something? The sour taste of this “yeast “is just initially, yes, only iNiTiALLY! Please, add the Kingdom to your life because by and by it will get SWEETER and SWEETER! Things will not be like this forever! You will see the END of your FAiTH! Your TESTiMONY will be fully established, in Jesus Precious Name!

Isaiah 37:31
 And the remnant that is escaped of the house of
 Judah shall again TAKE ROOT DOWNWARD,

The EFFECT of the yeast is SiLENT. When you are taking roots DOWNWARD, nobody sees you; you are HiDDEN; things appear not working etc. When yeast is applied on the bread, it does not appear working on it, but it’s just a matter of time, because SOMETHiNG is HAPPENiNG!
”…and hid in THREE MEASURES of MEAL… “This speaks of the TOTALiTY of your life- spirit, soul, and body. Every aspect of your life shall be affected by this “yeast”.

’’…till the whole was LEAVENED”. The Lord is talking about ENLARGEMENT here
By the effect of this yeast, you will
- Increase;
- MULTiPLY; and you will
  in Jesus Name!